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          發布日期:    瀏覽次數:2679

          1、自然放養 好健康!(全素食谷物喂養,確保無激素,藥物殘留。)
          2、自然生長 好味道!(確保嚴格的生長周期,每只雞從出生到出售進行嚴格的時間管理, 確保母雞生長周期。)
          3、遠離工業 好安全!(山林周邊無工業,原始生態環境,確保雞安全生長。)
          4、自有物流 好新鮮!(物流迅速直達,確保產品更新鮮。)

          A natural stocking good health! (Vegan grain feeding, ensuring no hormones, drug residues.)
          2, the growth cycle of good taste! (Ensure strict growth cycle, from birth to sell bird strict time management to ensure that the hens growth cycle.)
          3, away from the industrial good safety! (Non-industrial forest surrounding the original ecological environment, to ensure the safety of chicken growth.)
          4, its own logistics and good fresh! (Logistics fast and direct access to ensure that products are more fresh.)